On going collaborations:

  • European program EDIT

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  • GBIF France

  • The french national node of GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facilities) is located in the laboratory.
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  • Bamboo of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodge

  • We assume the computer science part of the project "Les Bambous d’Indochine. Utilisation de l’informatique pour transmettre l’expertise taxonomique et les connaissances vernaculaires". Project leader Dr Diep thi My Hanh. Research project supported by the contract « Sud-Expert-Plantes » of the french government (MAE-FSP).
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  • Xper-Botanica project

  • The objective of this project is to developp and to propose an on-line help to identification of the french flora.
    Xper-Botanica is suported by the Research French ministry. - Contract n°04L370 -
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  • Collaboration LIS-IREMIA (Univ. La Réunion) to federate our development on knowledge management systems for descriptive data and identification.
    See our Knowledge base on the corals of the Mascarene archipelago...

  • Programme européen KeytoNature

  • Related to EDIT programme and with our different biological knowledge-bases and keys we collaborate with the european project KeytoNature.
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